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Tamsin Rasor

Gold Komboloi "Worry Bead" Necklace

Gold Komboloi "Worry Bead" Necklace

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 This piece takes its name from the Greek word for worry beads, 'Komboloi' meaning 'Bead Collection'. This modern take on ancient worry beads is a meditation in classic gold jewelry. Individual gold beads are threaded over shimmering chain. Sliding freely down the length of the chain, they provide a soothing activity for your hands and calm for your mind. In the longer lengths, this piece can be worn full length, doubled up for a shorter multi layered look, or wrapped around your wrist as a multi chain bracelet. In the shorter lengths, add a pendant, wear as a stand alone piece or layered with other necklaces adding texture and interest to your collection.

- Select from 16", 18", 32" and 36" lengths

     16" with 80 beads

     18" with 100 beads

     32" with 180 beads

     36" with 220 beads

- 1mm wide 14K yellow gold box chain

- Individual 1mm x 2mm solid 14K gold tubular beads 

- Made with 100% recycled gold chain

- Want to personalize with initials, names, or a full secret message? Letter engraving on the beads is available, starting at $25.  Please email

- Add a birthstone to the fob on the necklace clasp from $50.Please email We LOVE to work on custom pieces and pricing will be advised based on your request.

- Handcrafted in the heart of New York City

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